Forma is designed by Fredrik Rydström.

Forma has a deep seat and provides the rider with a lot of support in front and behind. The flexible construction and softness ensures elasticity and good fit for rider and horse. This facilitates perfect balance of the equipage.

Characteristics of Forma:

  • Flexible saddle tree with changeable gullet
  • The panels contain three layers of latex
  • Deep seat, facilitates the right position of rider in the saddle
  • High quality of leather and finish
  • The saddle gives the horse freedom of movement
  • Good space between the panels for the spinal column of the horse

Available in size 16”, 16,5″, 17″ and 17,5″.

Available with wool filling.

“It has been a honour to design a quality saddle in cooperation with EQUES. The well-functioning construction of other saddles from EQUES is also used in Forma. Good space between the panels for freedom of movement for the spine and back of the horse.

The balance point of the saddle is in the middle of the seat to achieve the right condition for the rider and horse to perform well.

Forma is in high leather quality and with an exclusive finish. For me it is important that the saddle gives the rider the right position and balance in the seat, when you achieve that you can relax in the saddle.

Combination of correct seat for the rider and the contact surface is lying right on the horseback, the horse archive freedom of movement for back and spins. When these entire elements are right, you have the perfect saddle, I am very satisfied with the outcome of Forma”.

– Fredrik Rydström

Price: 2000 euro
Item number: ES-0001