About the saddles

Eques saddles are designed and produced by the accomplished Danish Icelandic horse trainer and competition rider Rasmus Møller Jensen. The saddles are designed to meet all the daily needs of an Icelandic horse rider or trainer. Before he designed the EQUES brand, Rasmus looked long and hard for a saddle with a wider seat than what was available on the market. In addition he was frustrated with the fact that most saddles had the tendency to perch too high above the horses withers. This led him to start his own saddle company, which has grown in popularity and success across Europe. In order to obtain maximum fit to the shoulders and back of the individual horse EQUES saddles have an adjustable gullet  width.

Seven different gullet sizes ensures optimised fit for the narrow, the wide Icelandic horse and everything in between. The trees are more supple compared to other saddles allowing the saddle to adjust to the back of the horse and enabling the horse to move freely without pressure points.

Rasmus has designed saddles that impede balance and movement as little as possible. The centre of gravity (deepest point in the saddle seat) is in the middle of the saddle. In addition  the saddles are designed maintain equal contact along the entire contact surface towards the back of the horse when the girth is tightened.

Of course, it is never possible to design a single saddle that will be the right fit for every horse and rider. Therefore, Rasmus has developed several different types of Eques saddles to fit the needs and likes of a variety of horses and riders.

Why is the saddle important?

It is important to have a saddle there allow the horses back to move correctly and to develop muscles underneath the saddle. The saddles is right when you as a rider can train your horse without making any damage on your horses back. The reason horses get into trouble with there back, it might be or is, because of the saddle.
A saddle there doesn’t lie correctly on the horses back, moves too much and makes it difficult for the horse to balance underneath the rider.
The purpose of a saddle is to give the rider and the horse the best prerequisite to develop together. The horse has to have a saddle with wide panels, so it has freedom of moments for developing muscles, and the rider for finding balance on the horse with the correct seat.

The best saddle is not necessarily the most expensive, but the one that fits the horse and rider best.


All EQUES saddles are with a flexible saddletree, changeable gullet and with wide space between the panels to achieve freedom of movement for the  back of the horse.

With the changeable gullet is a possibility to change the gullet so it fits your horse.

Gullets are available in 7 different sizes.

All saddles are available with latex or wool filling, except from Pad, which only is available with latex.

The saddles are made in different types of leather, but they are all of the finest quality.

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