Rasmus Møller Jensen’s life long experience with Icelandic horses constitutes the foundation of EQUES. Since the late nineties Rasmus has been training horses for competition and breeding shows at his stable, Flødalgård, in Svenstrup, in the North of Jylland. All products from EQUES is thoroughly tested by Rasmus and his staff before production.

In order to establish a solid and acknowledged brand, core values such as quality, innovative design and excellent service were incorporated in the company philosophy, when EQUES was founded in 2009.

The saddles are designed to meet all the daily needs of an Icelandic horse rider or trainer.
Rasmus has designed saddles that impede balance and movement as little as possible. The centre of gravity (deepest point in the saddle seat) is in the middle of the saddle. In addition, the saddles are designed maintain equal contact along the entire contact surface towards the back of the horse when the girth is tightened. The trees are suppler compared to other saddles allowing the saddle to adjust to the back of the horse during movement and enabling the horse to move freely and without pressure points.

In the beginning, EQUES was primarily a saddle company, but as the years went by the companied develop. Today EQUES delivers all kinds of equipment for the Icelandic horse.

The needs of the Icelandic horse as well as the consumer’s needs is taken in to account when new EQUES products are developed.

On a daily base, Theresa Meldgaard is in charge of EQUES in cooperation with Rasmus. Theresa is also married to Rasmus. Theresa manages the communication with the dealers while Rasmus is in charge of the contact with the profile riders. 

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