EQUES X – Anniversary saddle designed in cooperation with Sys Pilegaard

  • Deep seat with a narrow waist and soft padding
  • Short kneepads in Soft Foam contributes to a balanced position in the seat
  • Carved panels in the front allow space for movement of the shoulder
  • C-tree with a narrow waist
  • Changeable gullet – Gullet C (standard 27C)
  • Made from high quality calf leather

Sizes: 16,5″, 17″ and 17,5″
(16″ and 18″ by special order)

Panels: Latex or wool

Care instructions: Rinse off the saddle with Black Edition Clean and treat with Black Edition Care afterwards

Suggested retail price: 2.665 EUR


“In collaboration with EQUES I have contributed to design and development of the new X saddle. I have chosen a saddletree with a narrow waist to get optimal impact and good contact to the horse. The deep seat combined with the anatomic kneepads gives the rider a balanced and well-supported seat, which makes the correct posture easier to achieve. The kneepads are made of Soft Foam, which is highly adaptive to the knee and thigh. I have chosen the carved design of the panels in the front to allow room for movement of the shoulder, which is crucial when performing on a higher level.”

– Sys Pilegaard


(Old SKU: ES-0014)

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