Champion A


EQUES Champion A – designed in collaoration with Guðmundur Björgvinsson

  • The well known Champion built on the A-tree
  • Backwards shifted balance point
  • Big Soft Foam kneepads with great support
  • Contributes to a balanced position
  • Panels with 3-layers of latex and front rise effect
  • A-tree
  • Changeable gullet –Gullet A (standard 26A)
  • Made from high quality calf leather

Sizes: 16,5″, 17″ and 17,5″
(16″ and 18″ by special order)

Panels: Latex or wool

Care instructions: Rinse off the saddle with Black Edition Clean and treat with Black Edition Care afterwards

Suggested retail price: 2.610 EUR


“Through many years of experience with top-level sport competition and showing horses at breeding shows in and outside Iceland, I have learned which properties I require from a saddle.

The balanced combination of freedom of movement and support gives the rider optimal basis for cooperating with the horse. The saddle is not only supposed to meet the rider’s needs but also the needs of the horse by allowing freedom of movement. In addition, it is important the saddle express quality and elegance.

In cooperation with EQUES, I have designed the saddle “Champion” that meets these requirements. “

– Guðmundur Björgvinsson


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