Black Edition Girth

The Black Edition girth is produced in a high quality leather that is both soft and durable.

The circular elastic system ensures flexibility and freedom of movement for the horse.
The soft center optimizes the comfort on the sternum of the horse.

The BlackEdition girth is designed with a circular eleastic system with a soft center. The system ensures a high degree of freedom of movement for the horse while the soft center removes some of the pressure from the horse’s sternum.

Especially suitable for young horses, horses with girth cramps and horses that easily gets chafed by the girth.

The girth is produced in a strong quality leather with a soft and protective lining.

Black Edition is designed in cooperation with Nils-Christian Larsen.


Sizes: 45 cm and 50 cm

Care: Rinse off the girth with Black Edition Clean and treat with Black Edition Care afterwards

Suggested retail price: 268 EUR



(Old SKU: EG-0006)

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