3-part D-ring Bit with Short Centre Piece – Sweet Iron

This 3-part D-ring bit with short centre piece is produced in stainless steel with a sweet iron surface that oxidizes (rusts) easily. This promotes the horse to accept the bit. The centre piece is made of copper and contributes to a “warm” taste.

The short centre piece allows a more accurate fit to the anatomy of the tongue and reduces the risk of the bit bothering the roof of the mouth.

Suitable for most horses with good contact to the bit.

Sizes: 10.5 cm, 11 cm and 11.5 cm

Thickness: 10 mm

Care instructions: Rinse with lukewarm water after use. If larger rust stains appear the bit can be scrubbed with a sponge scouring pad before use

Suggested retail price: 67 EUR



(Old SKU: EL-0011)

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