Riding equipment created with life experience and expert knowledge of horse and rider

The Story of EQUES

Rasmus Møller Jensen has been surrounded by Icelandic horses all his life. Already at the age of 16 he traveled to Iceland where he worked at Hólar and since then his living has been training and showing Icelandic horses for competitions. You may have noticed him on the Danish national teams, where he has been a frequent participant since 1997.

Rasmus’ lifelong experience places great demands on the equipment he applies when training horses. Hence, it was key words such as: quality, innovation, and good service, which in 2009 formed the cornerstone of the creation of EQUES.

In North Jutland, Denmark, Rasmus runs a training stable with up to 40 horses in training. All tests of EQUES products take place here, so that the optimal functionality and quality are ensured before they are launched.

 The saddles are Rasmus’ core interest and to him the ideal saddle for the Icelandic horse is designed with a flexible tree and a wide chamber to ensure that the back of the horse can work freely under the rider. Not least, the ideal saddle must have panels of the same length as the saddle (i.e., not longer) in order to avoid strain on the rear of the back of the horse. This is often an issue as most Icelandic horses have a short saddle bearing area. Read more about EQUES saddles here: About the EQUES saddles

EQUES today

What started as a small business selling saddles to the local area in 2009, has developed into a company in rapid development. Today EQUES provides more than unique 300 items and is represented by more than 100 retailers distributed in 20 countries. Although EQUES is considered a well-established brand in the Icelandic horse world today, three things will always remain unchanged: quality, innovation and good service.

EQUES is a B2B company that sells exclusively through resellers.



Rasmus is the founder of EQUES and contributes to development and testing of new products. 

Team EQUES also includes Theresa, who is married to Rasmus, and the employees Mathilde and Amalie.  Theresa and Mathilde handle the daily running of EQUES, answer all inquiries and administrate social media. They too play a central role in the product development phase as they have a critical eye leaving nothing to chance.

 Several times a year the EQUES team visits our dealers, and the trip often also goes to Poland where the saddles are produced. EQUES strives to maintain close contact with dealers as well as suppliers.

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